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A personal note from Tom and Wendy

February 2013

We first visited Haiti in 2002 at the invitation of a friend. The circumstances which led us there can only be described as God-initiated. (After all, how do a guy born in Brooklyn, New York, the “old” Brooklyn, and a country girl from a small town in Pennsylvania, end up working in the mountains of Haiti if not by an act of God?)

After several years of visiting and working with church members in different areas on short-term projects, we were asked by the resident missionaries to consider making a long-term commitment to a particular location, a mountain village called Furcy. We were asked to complete the vision of building a medical clinic, a project started a few years before by another group. So, in 2004, with a group of 21 team members from Connecticut and New York, working alongside local laborers and community members, work began for what would become the new Furcy Clinic. It was this project that would lead to the formation of “Mountains of Hope for Haiti”.

Since then, MHH has provided consistent medical staffing for the Clinic, developed a Farmer’s Association, supported the local school with over 60 scholarships, and has been collaborating with other organizations in the areas of hygiene, clean water, reforestation, and disaster relief. Our mission is not to do for people what they can do for themselves, but rather to encourage, resource and support their efforts toward greater self-sufficiency and sustainability.

People will sometimes ask, “How did you choose Haiti”? It is not so much that we chose Haiti but rather that Haiti chose us.

Over the years we have been blessed to work with other volunteers dedicated to serving God through this mission. We all have had our lives touched and changed by the people we have come to know and serve in Furcy. Our hope is to not only continue our work in Furcy but to expand our mission into other rural areas.

We were both present in Haiti during the earthquake. We saw, and experienced, first hand, the unbelievable changes that took place in a mere 30 seconds. More importantly, in the last few years we have witnessed, again, the amazing strength and resolve of the people of Haiti toward recovery.

It is to them, and with them, that “Mountains of Hope for Haiti” is dedicated.

Tom and Wendy

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