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About Furcy

The primary focus of Mountains of Hope has been in the village of Furcy, a small mountain village about 30 miles southeast of Port-au-Prince. Furcy is accessible only by 4-wheel vehicles, foot, or horse. The site is absolutely spectacular, sitting on a ridge overlooking valleys and mountains.

The village has a small Methodist Church and school, no running water, no electricity, very little food and small block or watle and daub (wood) homes.

 2010 Earthquake

While Furcy was spared much of the damaged experienced by so much of Haiti, there were several buildings affected. The church sustained several minor cracks, the small house which was used by the school director was damaged beyond repair, and the school cookhouse lost its back wall. MHH teams have worked with the Haiti Response Plan to assist in repairing the church, the wall of the cookhouse, and building a new mission house on the village site. Teams have also worked on a small store which will serve as a center for the sale of farming supplies and education and information.

Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy

Isaac and Sandy brought much distress to the rural communities of Haiti. At Furcy, during Isaac, in addition to loss of crops and soil run off, a tree collapsed on the roof of the store. The tree was removed and the roof repaired. The winds of Sandy took with it the entire roof of the lower level of the school as well as the roof on the cookhouse and the back portion of the store roof. The store has been repaired. Working with the Haiti Response Plan and UMCOR, teams will be repairing the cookhouse and school.

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The Furcy Clinic

In 2006 at the request of the resident missionaries, plans for a medical clinic in Furcy were begun. Funds were raised by New York Annual Conference churches and teams began working side by side with Haitians to make the dream a reality. In 2007 the clinic was completed and saw its first patients. The Furcy Clinic now provides basic medical care to the thousands who live in the surrounding hills and valleys and have little to no access to medical care. Through the Furcy Clinic, Mountains of Hope now offers salary support for a full-time, live-in nurse, a doctor (once a week), a lab technician, a field agent offering inoculations and other services, a watchman and a bursar.

In addition to day to day and preventive medical care, the Clinic now now provides pre- and post-natal programs, classes on basic health care, and preventive health information to the community and surrounding area. Mountains of Hope for Haiti supplies funds to purchase medications for the small pharmacy at the Clinic. Mountains of Hope has sent numerous medical teams, including dental and eye care, and encourages other medical teams to share in this mission.

A typical "Clinic Day"


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L' École Méthodiste de Furcy (Methodist School of Furcy)

The Methodist School in Furcy plays a vital role in the community as more than 100 children get their first taste for formal learning. MHH provides scholarships for 45 students to attend school; otherwise, the children wouldn't have any opportunity for education. Over the years, we have provided school supplies and supported the teachers. We painted classrooms, repaired roofs, rebuilt desks, helped rebuild a retaining wall, and put up a basketball hoop. We have also helped to teach classes and are developing education modules as part of our connection with the village and school. More recently, we support the Hot Lunch Program to provide students with a mid-day meal. Often, this is the only meal students will have in a day.

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L' Église Méthodiste de Furcy (The Methodist Church of Furcy)

Through the Friends of Furcy project, MHH works to encourage and support the small Methodist Church. The Church is the center of community life in the village. The Clinic, in addition to providing medical care, serves also as a place for group meetings, Bible study, choir practices and other community activities.  Teams have led Vacation Bible School-type programs, sports programs, and other activities, involving children, youth and adults. As it is anywhere in the world, despite the hardships, people enjoy just having fun.   

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Farmers Association

In 2008 four consecutive hurricanes ravaged the Furcy community washing away much of their crops and livestock. With an initial donation of $3000 MHH worked with the local leadership to establish a Farmer’s Association, a cooperative effort to provide seed, fertilizer, and tools, to farmers and emergency food to villagers . In the end of 2012, 129 farmers were participating in the Association.  

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