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   The School and Store Have New Roofs

   A Project for Clean Water in Every Home

   The New Mission House in Furcy

   Business Training for the Furcy Store

  " Life in Furcy" - April 2013

"Mountains of Hope for Haiti"

To "Hope" is to vision, to dream. To "Hope" is to see a future full of opportunities and possibilities. To "Hope" is to believe that tomorrow is neither determined nor limited by the past or the present. "Mountains of Hope for Haiti" believes in the sacred dignity and worth of every human being. We believe that all people have a God-given right to sufficient water, food, and shelter, and opportunities for education, employment, and medical care. Working with rural communities, our "Hope" is to make this a reality. We invite you to join us in this mission to change the lives of people in Haiti.




Mission Trip, January 3, 2013

January 3-10, 2013


MHH Task Force meeting

May 2013

Mission Trip, February 8, 2013

February 8-14, 2013


NYAC VIM Mission Meeting, White Plains

May 18, 2013

Mission Trip, February 16, 2013

February 16-22, 2012


NY Annual Conference MHH Booth

June, 6-7 2013

"Hope for Furcy", The Covenant Companion

February 2013


Team Leader Training

July 2013


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